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Employees' Union

Assume that you-as a supervisor in a manufacturing plant-have heard rumors that the union, which has been virtually inactive until now, is planning to take complaints to upper management.

2. What type of plan could be presented to upper management, which could prevent the need for union action. Explain how this plan can also represents the supervisor responsibility to the employees union.

I am only looking for a brief summary less than 300 just to get an idea. Thanks

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//Before lettering the steps to be taken by the upper management of the organization, it is essential to understand the 'importance of employee union for an organization'. The duties of the management towards the employee union will also be discussed. Along with this, the benefits of establishing employee union in the organization will also be considered. For example: //

Employee's Union

Employee's union is a union which develops in the company and run by the company it self. Every employee in the organization is the part of this union. The main objective of the establishment of employee's union in an organization is the collective bargaining, demand of wages over the benefits, demand of improvement in the working conditions, demand for participation of the employees in the management etc. In a brief context, the objectives of the employee's union are to ...

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