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Environmental Scan of DaimlerChrysler

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Provide a brief environmental scan of DaimlerChrysler (i.e. trends, forces, events likely to have an impact on the selected organization). Be sure to include an assessment of the organization's chief competitors' technological innovations, if noteworthy.

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1. There is trend in the market towards hydrogen engines. DaimlerChrysler has focused on the hydrogen engine.
2. There is a rush in the automobile industry to quickly penetrate the Asian market; DaimlerChrysler has not met with great success.
3. There is a trend to stress on alternative fuel and DaimlerChrysler seems to have an edge in this respect.
4. The customers check on the internet before making purchases.
5. The customers are concerned about the fuel efficiency and global warming.
6. The major car makers including DaimlerChrysler have come together to form a new trade association that is the Alliance of Automobile ...

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This solution discusses trends, forces, and events likely to have an impact on DaimlerChrysler. This solution also discusses innovation of DaimlerChrysler's competitors. This solution is 434 words.

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