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External Equity Ramifications

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One observer argues that external equity should always be the primary concern in compensation, noting that it attracts the best employees and prevents the top performers from leaving. Do you agree?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of letting the team administer discipline to a team member?

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I am in agreement that external equity should be the primary concern in compensation, due to the fact that it does tend to attract the best employees, as well as to retain the top performers within an organization. External equity should be the primary concern in compensation, due to the fact that the employment conditions and the monetary rewards that an individual perceives that an organization offers, is the most attractive feature of an organization to an individual that is concerned with the benefits that he or she can gain from working for an organization. Since the rewards that an organization offers are usually the first thing that a prospective employer notices about an organization, it is paramount that an organization ensures that it's external equity is highly competitive in ...

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