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Inventory an agency's various services and activities

You have been appointed by the new executive director to chair a committee of agency administrators charged with
(1) conducting an inventory of the agency's various services and activities, (2) recommending a program structure, and (3) recommending responsibility center designations for each program. The committee has completed an inventory of agency services and activities (see the following list), including the number of clients served and an approximation of annual expenditures. Based on this inventory, the committee must now make a recommendation to the executive director on a program structure and the designation of responsibility centers.

As chairman, what will be your committee's recommendation?

How many programs will be in your program structure? What are they?

What is the rationale for each program? What type of responsibility center designation
(expense, revenue, profit, investment) will you assign to each program?

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//As per your instruction, we will briefly talk about the program structure and its importance. In this part, I am also providing information related to the various programs that are very essential to effectively implement my program structure. All the programs discussed below have been designed with different purpose, thus, it is very essential to understand the reason behind each program. So, firstly we will notice the Program structure.\

Program Structure

Building a program structure is very important as it helps in organizing the various activities in a planned manner. The program structure consists of various lists of programs. The various programs in my program structure will include following:

Ø Administration program

Ø Leadership Development program

Ø Personnel management program

Ø Organizational development

Ø Public relations and marketing

All these programs have been designed with different rationale:

Rationale behind the administration program:

Ø This program will look after the services and the activities and also make sure that all the objectives are met effectively. Apart from this, it also ensures that all the members are making effective contribution (Mathur, 2003).

Ø Administration program will also ...

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