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Career Aids: Future Invention and Personality Inventories

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Proponents of career aids such as future invention and personality inventories claim that they help a person refine a person's approach to a finding an appropriate career. Opponents of these instruments say they are pseudo-science and in the end, a waste of time. Take either side in the debate and write a convincing argument to support your position.

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Career aids and personality inventories can be helpful even if considered by some to be pseudo-science.

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First, there are many ways, means and methods of 'finding a career', the most passive of which is letting a career find you. One may also coast along in a career path, and then at some point, decide that such 'coasting' has become unacceptable. It is more than possible that career aids such as future invention and personality inventories help to refine a person's approach to finding a career despite the fact that some people claim such aids are "pseudo-science" ...

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