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International competitiveness

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In order for multinationals to continue expanding their operations, they must be able to attract and retain highly qualified personnel in many countries. Much of their success in doing this will be tied to the motivational package that they offer, including financial opportunities, benefits and perquisites, meaningful work, and an environment that promotes productivity and worker creativity.

Automotive firms, in particular, are a good example of MNCs that are trying very hard to increase their worldwide market share. So for them, employee motivation is an area that is getting a lot of attention.

Go to the Web and look at the career opportunities that are currently being offered by Ford Motor (www.ford.com), Volvo (www.volvo.com), and Volkswagen (http://www.vw.com/). All of these companies provide information about the career opportunities they offer. Based on this information, respond to the following questions:

1. What are some of the things that all three firms offer to motivate new employees?

2. Which of the three has the best motivational package? Why?

3. Are there any major differences between Ford and its European rivals? What conclusion can you draw from this?

Source: Chapter 12 Internet Exercise (International Management â?" Hodgetts, Luthans & Doh)

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1. Ford:
- workplace diversity
- professional growth
- employees' remuneration and benefits
- comprehensive training for their achievements

- provide quality, safety, and environmental care to the employees
- a fair wage policy for employees
- regular medical check up for employees
- workplace diversity is encouraged

- Good working athmosphere through leadership and cooperation
- Remuneration in line with the achievements or performance
- offers job security
- advancement for women

2. The best is VW because besides focusing on growing their own company, they also will provide training for your personal and professional growth, so you can grow together with the company. This will lead to reducing lay-off their own personnel. You will also get a reward in benefits and remuneration for your accomplishment in your project. They are also ...

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1. Agree or disagree with the following statement - the U.S. has a competitive disadvantage in competing in global markets. Explain and support your answer.

2. Which do you think are the next two "hot" international markets for U.S. investment? Justify your answer with economic data.

3. Compare and contrast Sony, LG, and Samsung as international conglomerates competing in similar markets - what are their international competitive strategies (surf the net and check out their web sites).

4. What external environmental factors seem to be driving the international marketplace?

5. What influence do you believe shareholders have over a company's board of directors?

5b.What is the reality of stockholders power impact on a firm's strategy/ strategic management?

6. What is an appropriate compensation package for a CEO? 3. What relationship do you see between a company's board of directors and the development of the business strategy?

7. Do you believe that a company's board of directors can change the ethical standards in a business? How can they do it?

8. Would you like to serve on a company's board of directors? What do you think that you could accomplish? What do you believe would be fair compensation to you for your contribution and personal liability?

9. How does agency theory relate when discussing CEO compensation and strategic behavior? How are they linked?

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