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Tesco Expands in the United States: The Assignment

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Case 12-1 Tesco Expands in the United States: The Assignment

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1. When we examine this case, we can identify several possible keys to Tesco's success that they have experienced in the competitive retailing industry. Tesco is forming their plan with a solid strategy. They already have two large food retailers on board with their plan. This will prove to be the very basis for its successful execution. Paragraph one advises readers that Nature Foods Way and 2 Sisters Food Group have already entered into an agreement with Tesco. Another main key to their success is the second biggest part of their strategy, and we can see how well-planned it is from Tesco. Tesco realizes that large companies (like Wal-Mart and other huge supercenters) have received a great deal of backlash once they enter into communities due to the consequences of the "big box" retailer in the community. Tesco has successfully identified this and because of this, they have determined that their size will remain relatively small in scale. This will prevent many of the same backlashes that the bigger stores see.

Another main component that determines ...

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