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risk mitigation techniques for The Coca Cola Company

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Recommend risk mitigation techniques for The Coca Cola Company.

500-700 words with references

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Recommend risk mitigation techniques for The Coca Cola Company.

500-700 words with references

There are several risk mitigating techniques that are recommended for The Coca Cola Company. First, The Coca Cola Company has to partner with a number of local businesses that indulge in unethical practices like bribing or breaking the local law. Every time The Coca Cola Company partners with a local business it risks its reputation. It is advisable that The Coca Cola Company should select its partners with care, check their antecedents and make them sign a contract that forbids them from carrying out illegal activities.
Second, there are several risk mitigating strategies that The Coca Cola Company should employ when doing business abroad. When it makes purchases abroad, it should mitigate the risk of buying poor quality products by testing the products its buys. When it uses facilities or transportation in a foreign country, The Coca Cola Company should mitigate its risk by taking out insurance policies from reputable companies. When there is risk of litigation, The Coca Cola Company should mitigate its risks by adhering to the law and keeping documentary evidence of its ...

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