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    International Business 401

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    Book Review (2005) "The gaijin who saved Nissan", Business Week,1/17/2005, accessed 5/16/2009 at:

    Napolo, D. (2005) "Managing FX risk; an eight step plan to establish corporate foreign exchange policy", Treasury & Risk Management magazine, March 2005. Accessed 5/16/2009 at: https://www.wellsfargo.com/downloads/pdf/com/focus/risk/manage_fx_risk_ reprint.pdf
    Also recommend you examine information on Nissan's websites below. Bandwidth restrictions may prohibit your accessing Nissan's website; however, it is still possible to complete the assignment without access.

    Assist with the following questions:

    What did Carlos Ghosn and Nissan do in order to manage global financial risk and why?

    Did Nissan follow Napolo's (2005) 8 steps? Discuss which steps they did and those they did not follow.

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    What did Carlos Ghosn and Nissan do in order to manage global financial risk and why?

    The steps taken by Carlos Ghosn and Nissan to manage global financial risk were to reduce the purchasing costs of Nissan. This they reduced by 20%. In addition, Carlos Ghosn and Nissan reduced the capacity of Nissan by 30%. This was accomplished by closing down five plants. further, Carlos Ghosn and Nissan conducted a restructuring that displaced 20,000 workers through the process of layoffs and attrition.

    The process of carrying out these changes was difficult. The reducing the number of Nissan's suppliers from five to three was difficult and faced a lot of criticism. To manage global financial risk Carlos Ghosn and Nissan required to change the way its personnel thought. To bring about this change Carlos Ghosn and Nissan developed cross-functional management teams in engineering design and sales. Each team was asked to set realistic but tough performance targets.

    Carlos Ghosn and Nissan managed global financial risk through reduction ...

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