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    types of retirement plans

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    If you were to to begin (or increase) your savings for retirement, what types of retirement plans (401ks, IRAs, etc.) might be best for a personal situation?

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    What tops your financial concerns? Well, according to a recent Gallup survey, more than half of the nation's adults say that not having enough money for retirement tops theirs.

    Not being able to pay costs for a serious illness or accident worries 47 percent surveyed while 39 percent are afraid they will not be able to maintain their standard of living. So, to help you ease some of the worry, here are today's five tips:

    1. Analyze your needs sooner than later.
    The one step most people skip entirely is figuring out just how much money they'll need in retirement.

    Fortunately, there are several Web sites out there with calculators that can help you figure it out in detail. Check out www.money.com/retirement or www.401k.com, which is Fidelity's Web site and also allows you to track your 401(k).

    Don't forget, too, that if present trends hold, you may also be on the hook for much of your own health care because many employers are cutting or reducing the amount of money they spend on retiree health coverage.

    The latest figures from the Employee Benefits Research Institute show that as of 2000, just 11 percent of private employers offered their retirees health insurance coverage. And the number of companies offering insurance is dwindling even more.

    To get a sense of how much you might need to pay your own health care premiums in retirement, go to www.choosetosave.org and click on the retiree health savings calculator.

    As you analyze your needs, take into consideration any other resources you may have to tap, such as savings outside a 401(k) or real estate when you do retire.

    Also try to consider your lifestyle. What are you expecting your retirement to be? Extravagant travel? A second home? These are all things to consider when building ...