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    Hybrid 401(k)

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    Two pages double spaces in current article from business magazine. "Any current topic". (Eg. Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, ect...) (Include APA references of the article you write about). Show your work including Summary, Discussion, and Conclusion. Example 'Can a Hybrid 401(k) Save Retirement?' If you have to give your own opinion about the article from this link:


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    Article Analysis


    This paper is based on the analysis of an article, which is based on the hybrid 401(k) and is designed by mixing the elements of pensions and 401(k) plan of retirement. The article will describe the advantages of hybrid 401(k) for the old aged and retired people. The article has described the retirement product called SponsorMatch, which is the product of Barclays Global Investors (BGI) of San Francisco. The article has described pros of SponsorMatch. There will be a discussion of the main features explained in the article about the pension plans and retirement products. Apart from this, there is the description of the strategies adopted by the competitors and the obstacles they encountered in the administration of the retirement products. There will be the discussion of happiness model. At last, there is also a conclusion part, which will portray the key findings of the article.


    The article involves the description of pension plans and ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 641 Words, APA Reference