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    How does ABB balance global coordination and local responsiveness

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    This is the area, I am the weakest. The strategy needed. I am hoping you can move in the right direction based on the case. It should be noted that with your help, and additional research on my part, I should be able to draft a 5,000 word document. Appreciate your help.

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    Improving interpersonal communication:
    In spite of the many barriers to interpersonal communication in ABB there are number of ways in which the company minimizes these difficulties, it focuses on two skills 1. Sending skills- the ability by which the employee is able to get himself understood by other and 2.listening skills by which the employees develop the ability to understand others. (that is having empathy; focusing on what the individual is saying; reading the tone of e-mails and body language in case of person to person communication).
    In case of meetings and committees ABB ensures that:
    1. The agenda for every meeting is set comprehensively and in consultation with the key employees. 2. Data feedbacks of information are sent to the members during the meeting or to individuals after the relevant meetings. 3. There is coaching of group members who follow feedback. The strategy is that of receptiveness. 4. Structural interventions are sometimes undertaken that pertain to group membership. This is one of the ways in which ABB balances global coordination and local responsiveness.

    In case of interacting groups sometimes across continents, ABB ensures that the groups remain cohesive, and become tightly knit, social needs are addressed so that the members become more playful and relaxed. The top management ensures that there is high intragroup cooperation, low task interest and that inculcation of the feeling that they are the good groups and the others are 'bad'. This is a powerful way in which ABB balances global coordination and local responsiveness

    One important way in which ABB balances global coordination and local responsiveness is to focus on the leadership issues within the company. Individuals are encouraged not to look at their own positions as un-substitutable, and that the proximity to the tasks and processes of the organization. Instead, the company encourages employees to build an image as a change agent, encourages them to show ...