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    Case Analysis: ABB and CAT

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    Discussion should include the following items:
    a. a brief description of the problem
    b. possible solutions (minimum of three)
    c. which option you prefer
    d. strengths and weaknesses of your selection
    e. conditions that would have lead to selection of each different option
    f. application of the key points in the case to your current or previous employer
    Strategic Issues
    1. What are the specific benefits to both customer and supplier if they can achieve a true win-win partnership?
    2. How can the supplier go about doing this? What form of KAM (or GAM) will work best?
    3. How many key accounts can a firm effectively manage?
    Operational Issues
    4. What should Dan Ahern do?
    5. How does he get the rest of the ABB organization to support him?
    6. What are the roadblocks?
    7. How can ABB and Caterpillar turn this into a win-win? What is in it for Caterpillar?

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    I have read this case study and find much, much good information to use. I hope I have helped enough on this one that you can still write your own version in time for the deadline. I'm pretty well spent today with my own other issues. You're a great student to work with, concise with your questions and easy to guide.
    Pamela I. C. :)

    a) This is what I see as a brief description of the problem: ABB has not interfaced with CAT as a partner and is trying to go beyond their previous role of supplier without that interface. Their approach has caused CAT to plan to find a new supplier, as they feel they cannot work with ABB as a supplier anymore. This is the prolem CAT has with the partnership, seeing ABB as no more than a supplier.

    b) I have answered the questions 1-7 from your posting. I have only addressed what I have seen Dan Ahern address as solutions to the problems. You will need to create three solutions out of those and the other case study to have the minimum three.

    c) Obviously your preferred option is yours to choose.

    d) If you need more help with strengths and weaknesses of your selected option, post a message. I am busy later this afternoon, but will be home all evening and get emails on my Blackberry ...

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