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    Describe BP's strategic objectives in terms of local responsiveness, global coordination, and organizational learning?

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    The attached document is condensed down. I will draw on outside resources, and current information in describing BP. I need your help based on the facts of the case study, to answer the above question, and provide a foundation.

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    local responsiveness,
    BP provides an adaptive, responsive and rich interactive experience by leveraging local resources and intelligently connecting to local businesses and policy makers. In the past it has met the strategic objectives of capturing markets and geographical diversification. The Company's most significant midstream activities are in three major pipelines: the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (BP 46.9%), the Forties Pipeline System (BP 100%) and the Central Area Transmission System pipeline (BP 29.5%) (both in the United Kingdom sector of the North Sea). Its most significant midstream activities are in three major LNG plants: the Atlantic LNG plant in Trinidad (BP 34% in Train 1, 42% in Trains 2 and 3, and 38% in Train 4), in Indonesia through its interests in the Sanga-Sanga Production Sharing Agreement (BP 38%), which supplies natural gas to the Bontang LNG plant, and in Australia through its share of LNG from the North West Shelf natural gas development (BP 16.7%).BP has shown responsiveness from the beginning, that it way back in 1951 when the Iranians nationalized the operations in Iran, the company remained in fray and came off with a 4000 stake in the consortium that took over production of Iranian oil. Again, BP has always responded to the need for increase in presence by increasing its exploration activities be it in Nigeria, Libya or the Persian Gulf. Locally it made important finds in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Local responsiveness has also been shown by BP when in response to the price explosion in the 1970 it responded with diversifications. However, when the excess capacity led to losses BP sold its refineries. Great deal of local responsiveness is seen in its dealings with Sohia, the three moves that is the resignation of its top executives, turnaround and the absorption of its employees into other operations of BP shows extreme ...