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Integrity in Leadership

1. Debra Benton, author of How to Think Like a CEO (Warner Books), identified the following six career-inhibiting behaviors:

?Talking too quickly
?Giving too much detail
?Judging others too quickly
?Criticizing yourself exclusively
?Using weak body language
?Thinking that skills are enough

2. Give your opinion of her ideas and explain how one can avoid these pitfalls as a leader.

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1. Could someone help me with articulating this?

Debra Benton makes some good points and most of these points are self explanatory. For example, leaders who talk too quickly cannot be understood as easily as a leader who speaks in a slower manner. People need time to comprehend and understand the message. Too much detail can also lead to confusion as opposed to clarity. Judging too quickly results in poor decision making. When a leader criticizes her or himself exclusively, it results in low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in one's ability. Using weak body language reflects how a leader is feeling about her or himself and often lacks assertiveness and competence. As well, weak body language also influences how others view the leader and a leader's ability to influence others. In an interview, Debra made the following point related to the sixth point:

? "Most people want to do better in their careers. They think that working harder on the technical side ...

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Based on the book by Debra Benton, How to Think Like a CEO (Warner Books), this solution discusses aspects of the six career-inhibiting behaviors, and also how to avoid pitfalls in leadership.