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    Apple, Inc- IPO and Financials

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    Can you please assist me in getting started on the following questions. Please use Apple as the example.

    1) Provide a brief description Apple, its main business and operational activities and a short synopsis of the main developments of the company over the past few years of the company. Include some financial information such as the stock price, its profitability, and other financial information you find relevant.

    2) what makes this company interesting and its demand

    3) Discuss Apples IPO. If it was a successful or not, how much capital was raised, who was the target audience, what kind of IPO was used traditional or online auction, Advantages and disadvantages of Apples IPO and Costs and risks of their IPO

    4) Please provide an evaluation and conclusions based on the information above.

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    Apple, Incorporated, (NASDAQ: AAPL, $392.87 as of close 21 October 2011) is an international technology company that manufactures and markets a variety of computer, mobile media and communications devices, and develops and sells associated software (Hoover, 2011). Apple operates in five segments, "Americas, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific and Retail," (Reuters, 2011). These segments are highly integrated along the corporate stategy-which focuses on innovation, creating blue-sea demand through the invention, marketing, and constant improvement of unique and first-time products.

    Apple's knack for creating demand began with the personal computer, progressed through the sea-change of iPod mobile music player, and most recently manifest in its birth of the iPad tablet computer. The packaging of goods and services speaks to the core of Apple's stategy. In a 2004 interview, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs said, "We developed iTunes [alongside the iPod]. We're a good hardware company, too, but we're really good at software. So that led us to believe that we had a chance to ...

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    Looks at Apple's organizational capitalization. Illustrates Apple's general business strategy and how it conducted its Initial Public Offering.

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