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Process flow structures are prevalent in a hospital organization

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What process flow structures are prevalent in a hospital organization?
Are the process flow structures appropriate?
How effective have the structures been? You may relate the response to your hospital present organization or a past organization.

Can you help me get started on this??

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Process Flow Structure in Hospital Organization

The process flow structure is the structure that is used to deliver a product or service. The process flow structure is one of the important components of the firms' strategies in order to build a competitive advantage. The process flow chart can be classified as the job shop or flow shop. The job shop process is a flexible process which is generally used by the general purpose resources (Process Flow Structure, 2007). On the other hand the flow shop process is used for the specialized resources. The process is followed with a fixed path in this process. In other words, the process flow structure could be explained as the process through which an organization manages the flow of material. The process flow structure can be categorized as follow -
? Job shop
? Batch process
? Assembly line
? Continuous flow (Process Flow Structure, 2007).

Process Flow Structure in Hospital Organization
In the hospital organizations the job shop process flow structure is found commonly. It is because; the process flow in a hospital organization includes a high level of flexibility, jumbled flow of the activities, less capital investment, high variable costs and high labor content and skill, which is also the characteristics of job shop process flow (Shtub, 1999). In the hospital similar equipments ...

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What process flow structures are prevalent in a hospital organization is determined.

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