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    roles of staff industrial/organizational psychologists

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    What is industrial/organizational psychology? How is it different from general psychology?

    I need help in answering these questions. I am writing a short essay. How would I answer these questions

    1. Imagine that you have been hired as a staff member of a reality TV series. As an industrial/organizational psychologist, what could you do to help the selection process for contestants?

    2. What characteristics would you look for in contestants? Why?

    3. Organizations often consider on-staff industrial/organizational psychologists as cost with no revenue return. What might industrial/organizational psychologists do to demonstrate their value to organizational leaders?

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    Hello there! I hope my information for this will help you with your homework. I have attached the explanation in a Word document as well.

    I/O psychology (as it is abbreviated) is a relatively new specialty of psychology that works within the business setting - or industry and organization. It is different from general psychology because general psychology deals with a broad range of issues within psychology, while I/O deals primarily with issues that arise within the workplace setting.

    One of the primary things that I/O psychologists do is personality assessment (Gibby & Zickar, 2008). They pick apart the type of personality one has to determine if they are a good fit for the organization they are in, the type of job they do, etc. For the reality TV information you speak of above, you have to envision the reality TV shows you see on TV. What sells? What gets the high ratings? If you think about popular shows out today, the characters who are out-of-the-ordinary are the ones who ...

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