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    The Value of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists

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    Organizations often consider on-staff industrial/organizational psychologists as cost with no revenue return. What can industrial/organizational psychologists do to demonstrate their value to organizational leaders?

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    The role of an industrial psychologist is to study how to match the personalities of workers with various jobs. They usually set out to do so by focusing on the theory that people possess five traits/qualities (outgoing, easygoing, responsible, stable, and open) which determine their work behaviors. For example, research shows that responsible, stable employees are the best fit for any organization. At the same time, successful employees who work with the public must also be outgoing and easygoing.

    Industrial psychologists are some of the key players in the success of an organization. They often work ...

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    Industrial / Organizational Psychologists play a very important role in an organization. However, unfortunately, many organizations take their worth for granted. This solution is an explanation of what industrial/organizational psychologists can do to demonstrate their value to organizational leaders. It is approximately 384 words with 1 reference.