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Professional guidelines in I/O psychology case

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Answer the below Questions(I need the below questions answered)!

Propose a plan for revising the ethical standards to resolve the issue for the company. Address how the plan affects employees and management.

o Include prescriptive and psychological approaches.

o The plan must include implementation, communication of the standards, and measurements of short- and long-term compliance.

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o Include prescriptive and psychological approaches.

Any company that has business practices which violate trust of its loyal customers engages in environmentally harmful practices of producing and serving its products and ignores consistent fairness towards its employees as well as maintains a fake image is an unethical organization or business.

There are many psychological and prescriptive approaches which can help monitor such an organization's practices and keep its practices in check. Awareness in consumers is one way through which the organization can be held accountable for its practices. If Starbucks ...

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Prescriptive and psychological approaches for solving organizational issues

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The field of I/O Psychology has left its imprint on many significant aspects of society. In examining the field of I/O, it is important to acknowledge the paths that have been taken. Consider some of the ways in which I/O has made a difference in today's society. To name a few historical transitions, consider how fair employment laws have led to better hiring practices. Consider how assessments have helped us decide where to begin an organizational intervention; testing has allowed us to fit the right person to the right job; and personality instruments have helped leaders to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Theories of motivation have helped us understand behaviors in the workplace and create systems for reward and compensation. Lastly, think of the ways in which professional organizations such as APA and SIOP have helped us develop and maintain our academic and professional standards.

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