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One often hears a CEO say, "Our most important asset walks out the door every night." In Savannah Engineering, Inspection, and Insurance Company (SEIIC)'s case this is literally true. The company relies on the knowledge and skills of its employees for its success. Without its human capital, the company has little to offer its customers. As noted in the introduction to the case, SEIIC has been experiencing difficulty in meeting customer service expectations and is experiencing problems with retaining some of its most valuable employees. As a part of your review of the company's HRM systems, you will need to examine the critical areas of training, performance management, and career management.
For each of the areas of training, performance management, and career management:
? Identify at least three approaches or trends that relate to each of the three HRM areas. Provide a brief description and a note on the potential relevance of the approach and trend for each area.
? Choose one of the approaches or trends to discuss in more detail and analyze and discuss the relevance to SEIIC's situation. Justify your answer with appropriate examples and reasoning.

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