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scheduling decisions

1. What types of scheduling decisions is management likely to encounter in the following operations? Describe the scheduling decisions in terms of types of resources to be scheduled and the associated customers or jobs scheduled.

a. Hospital
b. University
c. Movie making
d. Make-to-order factory

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// In this paper, we would discuss the scheduling decisions. Before starting such a paper, it is essential that one must look at the various perspectives of the scheduling process. But first, we must start with a short introduction of the topic. Like this: //

Scheduling Decisions: In Operations


Scheduling is considered as the time sequence of activities. Scheduling is a sub phase of planning, in which, once an alternative program of action is identified, a course can be established and time sequenced. The Scheduling Decisions mainly consists of the exercises of integrating time, resources and work elements in the most efficient manner to achieve the specified objective functions. Scheduling Decisions are an important function of Management which has a great role particularly in Manufacturing and Service Industries. The Scheduling Decisions assist the Organizations to perform their functions with the minimum utilization of resources (Lewis, 2007). The Scheduling Decisions are used in different operations including hospital, university, movie making, make-to-order factory, etc.

// After giving a brief introduction; we'll now, discuss how the scheduling decisions are taken in different kinds of Organization. We would first start with the hospitals and universities.//

Scheduling Decisions in Hospitals

Scheduling Decisions is an important part of the decision making process of the Management of Hospitals. Healthcare Industries face large pressure in their operations. The major problems faced by Hospital Industries are the rising cost of hospital management, deficiency of healthcare workers, challenges related to accessing of services, availability of the information on time, etc. To resolve these problems, the Management of Hospital encounters various scheduling decisions. The Management of the Hospital has to take scheduling decisions for the reduction of cost, enhanced services to the patients, support the front line staff for the reduction of medical errors and effective Management of nursing personnel.

The main resources of the Hospital Management are the Nursing Staffs. The working conditions of the nurses determine the quality of medical care. Variable Staffing and Shift Scheduling Policies are the main scheduling decisions taken by the Hospital Management ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1174 words with references.