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Resource Allocation and Defence Budget

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1) Identify and describe the the four phases of the resource allocation process and relate why they are important in the acquisition process.

2) Explain the three major stages of the defence budget process. Why do we concern ourselves with this process?

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The solution identifies the resource allocation and defence budget.

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The first phase of resource allocation process is planning, programming, budgeting and execution process. This phase is important because it helps in identifying the needs, match such needs with resource requirements and translate such requirements into budget proposals. This phase sets the platform or base for the entire acquisition process. It is important to identify needs and requirements correctly, so that acquisition process meets the needs of the department.

The second phase is enactment which is concerned with submission of the budget to Congress for review, debate and approval. The first step is passing of the concurrent budget resolution by both house of the congress. The second step in enactment phase is ...

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