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Operations Management Discussion Questions

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1. What skills do managers need today? Are these skills different from management skills of 50 years ago? Why or why not? Is a manager different from a leader? Explain.

2. What is operations management? What are some industries that might benefit from improved operations management?

3. How is flexibility in human resources management beneficial? How is it detrimental? What are the greatest challenges in hiring and firing employees?

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your questions are very broad, and it was hard for me to answer in under 300 words..

1) Managers need a lot of valuable skills in order to lead and direct their employees to be productive employees. They need:

#1) Computer skills.
- communication is done primarily through email, so manager need to be proficient in using the computer
- Microsoft office is a necessary skill to master in order to be a manager. Their knowledge should be above of those of their employees
- presentations are no longer being done on projection - PowerPoint is imperative. In fact, "smart boards" are going to be commonplace in 3-5 years. They are these boards that you can touch ad use your finger to navigate. Managers often need to present report and need to have these skills.
See http://smarttech.com/ for more info.

#2) Communication skills
- Managers need to know to to properly communicate not only with their employees, but with their bosses
- They also need to educate their employees on communication skills to make them more efficient

#3) Interpersonal skills
- Managers need to be able to deal with a lot of different people who work for them. Having good interpersonal skills is critical. If a person has trouble getting along with others, they might not be the best manager

#4) Willingness to go above and beyond what is necessary
The manager needs to set an example above what their employees are asked to do, so they can lead by example. If employees are asked to stay late, managers can't walk out at 5:00. Managers also need to pick up the slack when there is too much work to get done.

These skills are different. 50 ...

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