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Norge Portugal's Climate Study Answers

Read the case study Norge Electronics (Portugal), SA. Take the role of Silva to address the organization management and culture issues based on the results of the climate study.

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Reacting to the Norge Portugal's Climate Study

In reviewing the preliminary results of the climate study, there appears to be many opportunities for the operation to improve. The recent Norge Portugal climate survey suggests that while the majority of employees find the corporate mission and objectives challenging, there is a general feeling that the human resource policies and practices do not support the employees in their work. The company has proven its' ability to develop loyal customers and has "an excellent reputation with the majority of its' customers" (Dowling, Festing, Engle, 2010). Now, it is time for Joao Silva to take action to improve the internal climate at Norge Portugal so that results of the company can improve even more.

One issue within the company may be the amount of responsibility that falls upon Mr. Silva, who is responsible for "finance, control and accounting, personnel, legal, and diverse administrative matters" (Dowling, Festing, Engle, 2010). This amount of responsibility may result in being spread too thin, without a clear plan direct the personnel department. Mr. Silva must consider his personal strengths and weaknesses and delegate some of the tasks to those more capable. Based on the climate study, approximately 70 percent of Norge Portugal employees are dissatisfied with the synergy within the organization, the degree with which remuneration was viewed to be competitive and internally equitable, and the HR policies. These are the issues that Silva must address immediately.
In order to develop more synergy, Norge Portugal must develop similar mission statements for the employees as the organization offers its' customers. The company must realize in order to serve customers well it must address employee needs as well. This is crucial especially based upon the length of time ("two to three years") to train a good technician. Employees are one of a company's greatest resources. Ultimately, customer relations correspond directly with employee relations. Silva must enact a program to encourage teamwork. Immediate action must be taken to eliminate or train the employees he has discovered to be non-productive. The current pay system is most likely an improvement over the program in the past but it is still too laborious and open to bias. Norge Portugal can determine the performance of employees based upon their service and sales records, for the most part. Although pay is not an indicator of job satisfaction, the great majority of employees (43) fall at 300 or below, leading all to feel as if they are not performing well enough for the company. An analysis must be developed to determine if employees ...

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This solution addresses a case study involving Norge Electronics, and takes the role of Silva to address organization management and culture issues based on the results of the climate study.