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need for CFO

I need a description of what the dilemma is for a business who is making millions of dollars doesn't have a CFO.

Then a description of why I should be their choice, and what I could do to benefit them.

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The key dilemma for such companies is that whether or not the firm should incur additional financial burden by hiring a costly Chief Financial Officer. Since the firm has been doing quite well, the management might feel that the cost of CFO will be an unnecessary expense.

However, A CFO brings many benefits to the company and justifies the salary being paid to him. Especially for a profitable and large scale business, the role of CFO is of high importance. The CFO - as a leader with the capacity to look beyond the numbers to observe and influence the health and culture of a workplace - can be as important to an organisation as the CEO. A skilled CFO has responsibility for the financial reports, and supported by a talented team is in a good position to detect early signs of bad health and poor culture in an ...

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Why should a multi million dollar company need a CFO