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Healthcare Financial Management - Acquiring Equipment

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You are considering acquiring new equipment for the cardiac catheterization lab. You have the option to lease, or to buy the equipment. Your proposal will need to be vetted or cleared through the CFO, who will want all the details and reasoning in place before your submit your proposal. What should your funding request include? What information do you need to have in order to make a decision on whether to lease or buy the equipment? What information will you present the CFO as to the reasonableness or necessity of this equipment?

I need 1 page with citations, APA format and references.

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The funding request will include the primary reasons for purchasing or leasing the new equipment, ie, in terms of ability of the new equipment to generate additional revenues for the firm or in terms of providing strategic or competitive advantage to the organization or providing added convenience and improved service quality to the patients of the healthcare firm. The funding request will also provide detail on the reason that the current equipment are unable to perform the desired function and thus, the purchase or ...

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