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    Prescribing action can lead to creative and locally unique solutions to many problems. Sometimes using a model program for a reference or even adopting it completely may be the solution. Find an example of a model program that addresses a problem in your workplace, discuss how you would introduce this information into your setting, and then apply it in the diagnosis of your problem.

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    // This paper focuses on the models used for prevention of disputes in an Organization. Disputes may arise out of several reasons in an Organization. The selection and implementation of these models is done, depending on the 'size and nature' of the dispute in an Organization. //


    The organizations face various problems in the internal and the external environment of business. Various risks are associated with the workplace environment in an organization. It is essential for the business organizations to effectively manage the problems in the workplace. For overcoming the problems in the workplace, the organizations develop model programs. The selection of the model program is the most difficult task for the management of the organization. Therefore, organizations should devote proper time and funds to implement the model program effectively and efficiently.

    The model program for the research paper is "Dispute Prevention Model Program." This will assist in reducing the rate of disputes occurring in the organization. It is mainly based on handling the disputing activities at the workplace. There are various factors that contribute to the disputing activities, such as money exchange, promotions, public safety actions, relationship with the co-workers and management, work hours, pay-issues, dismissal of workers, existing policies, etc (Dispute Prevention and Resolution, 2008).

    // Now, we will study about the steps involved in ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 898 words with references.