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    Essential Characteristics to Guiding Coalitions

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    What are the essential characteristics to guiding coalitions?

    Describe an organization development project that would be appropriate for your organization. Identify a theme for the intervention; explain why you chose that theme, and how it would be used in your organization.

    Issues to Consider
    In your opinion, how important is an effective vision? What can you do to move towards a more effective vision in your organization?

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    What are the essential characteristics to guiding coalitions?

    Meaning of COALITION

    According to prevention institute:

    "A coalition is a union of people and organizations working to influence outcomes on a specific problem."

    Although coalition building has become a popular approach, the concept of coalition building is not new. In 1840, Alexis de Tocqueville, the first noted international researcher on the American society remarked that "... Americans are a peculiar people... If, in a local community, a citizen becomes aware of a human need that is not met, he thereupon discusses the situation with his neighbors. Suddenly a committee comes into existence. The committee thereupon begins to operate on behalf of the need, and a new community function is established. It is like watching a miracle."

    Thus coalitions are used to achieve predefined objective.

    Benefits of Coalitions

    Coalition helps in optimum utilization of resources and facilitates sharing of complementary skills.
    It helps in achieving the objectives that may be beyond the scope of a single organization.
    It can also spruce up or improve the credibility of the organization by aligning with a famous organization.

    According to prevention institute there are EIGHT STEPS TO BUILDING AN EFFECTIVE COALITION

    Step 1. Analyze the program's objectives and determine whether to form a coalition.

    Step 2. Recruit the right people.

    Step 3. Devise a set of preliminary objectives and activities.

    Step 4. Convene the coalition.

    Step 5. Anticipate the necessary resources.

    Step 6. Define elements of a successful coalition structure.

    Step 7. Maintain coalition vitality.

    Step 8. Make improvements through evaluation.
    Essentials characteristics of guiding coalitions

    Common Goals

    The goal must be common and the parties to the coalitions must agree to the goal. The goal must not be evolved through undue influence or coercion. It must be by consensus. The purpose of this should be clearly laid out and each member understands his role towards attaining the goal.
    Thus the goals must be clearly defined and understood by all.

    Clear communication
    The proceeding of the activities of the coalition must be known to all the members. The communication must be in simple language and timely. This task of communicating the purpose with clarity is usually that of the team leader. It is his responsibility to ensure this awareness among his team. The matching of personalities and interests are also necessary.

    Respect to each member
    No member should be left out and every member must be given equal importance

    Opportunity to Participate
    Each member must be given the opportunity to participate and also to give periodical feedback. This will help in improving the efficiency of the coalitions. Their objectives are based on shared needs, and when participants agree upon their scope, principles, procedures, and each individual participant's ...

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