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Human Resource Management

Assume that the HR department of this small start-up has a department manager, an administrative assistant to the department manager, and a business assistant responsible for hiring, payroll, and benefits. (There are three people total in the department, 30 total in the company.)


Considering that these individuals will later be responsible for orientation training and developing the remainder of the organization, what is the critical information that they must be trained on themselves?

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The administrative assistant, business assistant, and department manager will need to know necessary information in order to train others within their organization. Each of them needs to have knowledge in supervising others. This would entail learning how to observe effectively, and giving each employee hands on experience before having them do their job fully. All of them will need to know how to set-up an employee handbook that gives each ...

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This solution provided information that was needed for individuals within an organization to get trained for new start up company.