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Consideration of the pros and cons of contract employees

From the research you've done on the above assignment on contract employees, reflect on the pros and cons of using contract employees. What are some of the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Consider the situation at Putty Sports and their staffing needs. Assume a staff of 500 that grows to 1000 during peak times. Give 3 reasons why you would recommend that they use contract employees and give 3 reasons why you would recommend against using contract employees.

I specifically need help coming up with reasons why the company should use contract employees.

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Three advantages of using a contracted employee specific to a peak season relate to the added security it can provide to both the worker and the management staff that must supervise and staff the necessary hours during the season. (I am presuming a retail environment, but this would apply to manufacturing as well.)

1. When there is a contract with an employee, they do not have the luxury of easily walking off the job if the environment becomes too pressurized or they simply get a ...

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Discussion of some of the benefits and drawbacks of using contract employees for staffing peak seasonal work.