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There are a lot of *get rich quick skeems out there*, the problem is detected what is spam and what isn't. How do you believe what is being stated. That is a tough thing. And it is not just the internet that you can't trust, it is also texting on the cell phone, iming on chat etc, anything that is not face to face you always have to be caughtious about it. You never really know who you are talking to. You could think that you are talking to your friend let's say *bob* but in reality you are talking to his friend dan. Very sneaky if you ask me. Very deceiving. Could cause lots of problems with many people. explain

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Here's one example you'll find interesting. As you may have noticed from my past answers, I've been involved in a variety of different things, many of them work at home. Obviously, the WAH field has alot of scams out there so I've gotten used to being able to filter out the good from the bad. I applied about a month ago for a part time accounting ...

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