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Outsourcing and Insourcing at General Motors

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I need 6 pages of information that detail the outsourcing and insourcing of IT at General Motors. Please provide at least 3 academic sources with citations. Provide details for all of the items below.

1. An overview of the General Motors and its business model.

2. An explanation of a service component that was outsourced and the rationale for doing so. Explain the reasons that the company outsourced the component and their motives, and who was involved in the decision-making process, if that information is available.

3. An analysis of the ways in which IT leaders could help bridge the communication gap between senior executives, and what role they played in the initial offshoring and subsequent onshoring of the service component.

4. Did rapport between IT and the business suffer as a result of the change, and subsequent move back? If so, what could IT leaders have done differently? If not, then state that it did not.

5. The status of the business now. Consider any externalities that occurred as a result of the initial change, and the move back.

6. Personnel issues

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The following posting discusses outsourcing and insourcing at General Motors.

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