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    Discuss the ideas in on: "Made in China". 3) Discuss both In

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    Discuss the ideas in on: "Made in China". 3) Discuss both In-sourcing and Outsourcing.

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    What we have in the attached document is a good example of the global economy making the best, most logical use of its resources. Many people are very passionate about both insourcing and outsourcing, and the pros and cons to each side. As we see in the example, by outsourcing the majority of the tasks, and then insourcing only a small part of the tasks, the company is able to be more cost efficient. By doing so, their prices stay reasonable, they continue to stay in business, and we remain buying from them, to each side's enjoyment. ...

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    The solution discusses the ideas in on: "Made in China" and discusses both in-sourcing and outsourcing.