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    Introduction to Macroeconomics:

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    The Reference organization is Walmart

    Please address the following questions:

    1. Why do you think it will be interesting to focus in the economic ideas of Walmart?

    2. How you think macro-economics applies to Walmart? What would it contribute to your understanding of this organization's prospects?

    3. Pick two of the Big Ideas of the Basic Terminology in Economics. Discuss how they apply to Walmart.

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    1. Wal-mart has succeeded by purchasing large quantities at low prices and selling them at a lower price than competitors. In that sense, it makes profits by buying big and selling big. Its economic ideas are interesting not only because of their strategy but also because they have taken advantage of the comparative advantage that other countries have in labour-intensive manufacturing.

    2. Wal-mart is one of the world's top 500 multinationals. Indeed, in 2009 it was the largest US MNE and the largest MNE in the world according to Fortune 500 rankings. Although macroeconomics is about the economy in general, Wal-Mart provides an example of a large company that ...