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    Ed and Ned work for a small, successful business outsourcing company...

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    Ed and Ned work for a small, successful business outsourcing company. One of PNW's clients was the owner of a property management company and accounted for 25% of PNW's revenue. The client was set in his ways and often stubborn, leading to occasional conflicts with people he interfaced with.

    After a periodic visit to PNW, the client left satisfied with the work performed to date. Once the client left, Ed, the account manager for the client approached Ned, the executive vice president, and informed him of a racially insensitive racial remark that the client had made to him during the client's visit. Ed was visually disturbed by the remark and stated that if an apology was not given to him, he refused to work on future jobs for that client.

    What should Ned do in this situation?

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    There are several levels on which Ned needs to tackle this issue.

    On one level he should show sensitivity to Ed. He should use the tools of active listening and understanding that he has learned at UOP with Ed. He should behave in an un evaluative and non-interpreting manner with Ed. The feelings of people who have been insulted are full of anger. They feel that any interaction, properly used can be beneficial to many but some sick blinkered individuals choose to abuse the interaction to spew hatred and ill will towards other. It is natural for Ed to feel that neglecting to take into account others' sensitivities is criminal and the culprits should be ...

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