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    Business Plan for First Six Months

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    A New Business Plan" Please respond to the following:

    •Imagine that you are beginning the very first social networking site, fast-food restaurant, or pizzeria, and develop a brief business plan that highlights the financial, marketing, and organizational aspects.
    •Now that you have identified several key components of your business, recommend how you would approach the first six months of operations.

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    Starting a new business is very exciting! At the same time, starting a business can be stressful because during the first six months of operation you must be fully aware of your expenses and purchases, which even includes your advertisement budgets. One key component is to make a brand for your business. Your logo becomes the image of the brand you created. The timing in which all this takes place is also of the essence as the initial perception of a business is credited on the initial success. This is not to say that if your business is not successful upon opening you could be in trouble, but acknowledging the importance of having good timing along with the successful development.

    "All start-up businesses go through the launch stage and the rest of the events that decide whether a business model holds promise or not usually happen in the first six months of operations.

    The post-launch honeymoon

    The days following your launch or opening usually turns out well. Depending of course on the amount ...

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    This article provides tips on how to conduct a business during the initial six months of operation.