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    Organizational Theory and Behavior in a Global Environment

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    You are invited as a keynote speaker at The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) conference, which will be held in Beijing, China. You will represent the United States and have been asked to speak about the opportunities and challenges of being an effective global business manager for Google. In your speech you should also discuss how global trends and diversity play a role of being an effective global business manager. Prepare an appropriate keynote address.


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    Gǎn xiè (Thank you) Chairman for the warm welcome and introduction. Nǐ hǎo (hello) It is with great honored to be in Beijing today. When the International Association of Business Communicators selection committee invited me to represent the United States, and deliver the keynote speech I must say I was a little nervous. Representing over 70 countries, speaking over 100 languages and boasting a professional network of almost 16,000 business members the IABC brings a wealth of experience and diversity. (IABC, 2008).
    The world is changing before our eyes. We ask ourselves what does it take to be an effective global business manager within a multi-national corporation? It takes flexibility to navigate ...

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