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    Organization, Set and Policy Boundaries

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    Describe how an organization, sets and polices its boundaries. If you were the CEO would you do this differently? Why?

    How well does an organization manage its task environment? If you were the CEO, would you do this differently? Why?

    In regards to the emergence of organizations explain the creation of an organization. As societal and economic conditions have changed since this organization was created, how well has the organizational structure evolved so as to enable the organization to adapt?

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    Organizational Theory and Design

    Organizational Strategy
    Organizational boundaries are the defined lines that are used to make separation of organization from its surrounding environment. An organization formulates effective strategies and policies to maintain its boundaries. It is essential to maintain boundaries in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace. An organization sets and polices its boundaries by executing control mechanisms (Murphy & Willmott, 2009). By exerting financial and operational control over the different activities, an organization ensures its separation from surrounding environment. It tracks the performance by control method. Information flow in the organization is also maintained by control method.
    As a CEO, I would follow a distinctive approach set and polices the organizational boundaries. I will formulate policies for spatial and temporal boundaries with a different outlook. Rationale behind the use of this different approach is due to its alignment with the organizational business practices and structure (Daft, 2009). To manage information flow, I would apply two way communication methods, as with this approach it will be easy for the organization to ...

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