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    Business Differences outside the US

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    List some of the differences you would face when conducting business outside of the United States than inside the US. How should senior managers address these business differences when making sound global strategies?

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    // Business practices have greatly changed with the advent of globalization. This paper discusses the changing business difference in running a Company inside and outside USA and its implication on the formulation of Business Strategies.//

    In general, the business practices of two countries vary from each other to a significant extent. These differences lie across a diverse range of fields including the basic variations in political, social, demographic and economic environment of the two nations. Such variations surely alter the basic nature and processes of the business.

    Differences in Business outside the US: There are a number of differences which are faced by the managers in conducting business outside the US, especially in view of the practices followed within the country.

    // This part lists down the differences, which are faced by the Managers in conducting business ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 539 words with references.