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Management Fraud

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Joseph Wellington, CFE, is preparing to give an educational presentation about management fraud at the annual ACFE conference, which will be held in Las Vegas. The public is becoming more aware that fraud is a serious problem. Recent financial scandals involving accounting schemes and the ponzi investment schemes have highlighted examples of significant frauds.

His goal is to make sure all levels of management understand the effects of fraud on themselves and the corporations they represent. It is a large presentation, and he needs help from his training team. You must provide an accurate and strong message that management fraud is destructive toward good business and will not be tolerated by their corporations.

An outline that lays out the components of the presentation and the justification behind each component and how it fits into the overarching message.

A bullet point draft transcript of what Mr. Wellington must say, should say and what is optional to say pertaining management fraud to managers and corporate executives.

A draft of recommendations that you feel strongly must be included in the educational presentation so it can be as accurate and defining on the consequences of management fraud.

Please include references.

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Management fraud outline

There are several cases of management fraud such as when an executive 'cooks the books' so as to show that an organization has made extra profits. Traditionally, it was the work of auditors to track these form of problems. Providing a definition of the management fraud assist in ensuring a better understanding of what the presentation is about. The indicators of management fraud refer to the various acts which may show or identify the cases of management fraud. A management fraud indicator is important since it enables one to identify the level of management fraud within an organization before actually deciding to prevent the fraud.

The uses of management fraud indicators describe the benefits that an organization may be accrued to when they opt to use management fraud indicators such as easy management fraud detection. Fraud risk assessment is important within this subtopic as it contributes in gauging the level of fraud risk hence determining the best action which may be taken to reduce the rate of risk existing. The subtopic of individuals who commit fraud, red flags of fraud, asset misappropriation, and bribery and corruption is relevant to this sub-topic since it discusses the individuals who may raise the red flags of fraud to an organization from acts such as ...

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This posting seeks to investigate aspects of management fraud. To facilitate this, a case scenario is given, in which an inside analysis into the topic is discussed and recommendations offered.

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