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    Social Responsibility and Regulation

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    Answer the following questions supporting your work with research:

    Do governmental CSR policies assist consumers or organizations? In what ways?
    Do governmental policies differ throughout the world? In what ways?
    In what ways do politics shape the regulation of businesses?

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    Governmental policies protect both the corporation and the customer. Using words like truth, fair, and equitable, the policies can address issues for either side. The policies can protect customers from receiving a sales push for unneeded items when trying to get help. They can also prevent adding costs to prepaid or paid services. Misinformation about costs, products, refunds, and other customer concerns are prevented by policies that governments establish. The policies establish what is allowed by the country in terms of aiding in environmental concerns, fair treatment of employees, fair wages, and developing policies for aiding the local communities. People can be protected from harsh treatment, unfair working conditions, ...

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