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    Using purposes statements, write a 1-sentence objective for a presentation

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    Using purposes statements, write a 1-sentence objective for a presentation

    Here are the purpose statements:

    ? Explain corporate financial results.
    ? Demonstrate a product.
    ? Explain the results of a scientific study.
    ? Explain the consequences/benefits of the company's merger with an outside group.

    Example: if the purpose statement is "Explain departmental results," a good presentation objective might be "As a result of my presentation, people in the departments will have a monthly breakdown of our revenues and expenses and be aware of where we hit and missed our previous projections."

    The objective sentences must be like the example.

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    ? Explain corporate financial results.
    Presentation objective: As a result of my presentation, employees will be able to understand the quarterly financial objectives and how the individual departments within our corporate structure have met or failed to meet these objectives. ...

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