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Attached you will find financials from a class project. Please prepare at least six charts or graphs plus a paper explaining what is going on with company financials.

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This explanation provides you a comprehensive argument relating to SG&A. Six charts or graphs plus a paper of the companies financials are determined.

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In the company given we first examine the net earnings after taxes. These figures are found in the Income Statement and have been plotted in the first chart. In the year 2006 the net income after taxes was negative. This means that the company made a loss of $14.22 in the year 2006. The company however, made a profit during 2007 and its performance improved till 2008 when it made a profit of $126.83. During the year 2009 it is forecasted that the company will make a loss of $199.29 million, its losses are forecasted to increase during the years 2010 and 2011 till the company makes a loss of $284.85 million in 2011. It is forecasted that the company will turn around and have a positive net income of $5.74 million in 2012.

The next figures we examine are the revenues of ...

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