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    product costs under absorption vs variable costing

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    Your CFO attended an industry trade show and looked forward to sitting through one of the seminars offered that was titled "Why is it so important to know your product's costs?" Unfortunately, she missed this seminar. This is a very important topic that you plan to discuss with her yourself.

    Prepare notes for your meeting with the CFO that includes the following:

    How will the components of unit product costs be different if she uses absorption costing versus variable costing? Include your calculations.

    Using the following company data, determine unit product costs under absorption and variable costing, and show your calculations:

    Planned units produced in the year

    Direct labor/unit

    Direct material/unit

    Variable manufacturing overhead/unit

    Variable SG&A/unit

    Fixed manufacturing overhead/year

    Fixed SG&A

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    See my computations in the attached excel sheet. Response shows which costs are excluded from the computations but do not have an in-depth discussion about product vs. nonproduct costs.