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    Tank Pressures and U-tube

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    A.) See attachment for diagram. Amounts from left to right, top to bottom are: 500mm, 460mm, S.G.=0.8, S.G.=1.05, 300mm, 300mm and Tank X is water.

    Calculate difference in pressure between centers of tank X and Y.

    B.) See attachment for diagram again. Amounts are: Pa=2.7kPa, 0.05m, 20mm, S.G.(Oil)=0.6, S.G.=1.4, 30mm, 10mm.

    Find the distance d for the U tube.

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    The fluid of SG=0.8 has column = 500 mm in left hand side limb
    and in right hand side it's height = (500+460) - (300+300) = 360 mm

    SG of water = 1.0

    When we go up in a fluid of given SG by a height h, the pressure decreases by = (SG*1000)*9.8*h
    And when we come down, the pressure ...

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    The solution shows each step in the calculation of the difference in pressures in two water tanks as well as the distance of a U-tube working from diagrams provided from the asker.