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Benefits of financial bubbles in commercialization of space

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Are the 'bubbles' are such a bad thing?
Maybe those investing are laying the foundations of what is still to be achieved - pioneers that do not make money out of it.

NASA (i.e government) did some pioneering work and now the money is to be made by commercialization of space.

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The benefits of financial bubbles in commercialization of space are examined.

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'Bubbles' are such a bad thing?

This statement may be discussed in relation to investment along the following:
1. The concept of break-even
An investor, at the initial stage of business is contended with zero income, which means revenues would just be enough to compensate the expenses incurred. This situation is likened to bubbles that have nothing inside, except air.
Attaining break- even in business (at the start) is not bad at all. It is actually a start - toward a better future performance.
2. The concept of liquidity
Bubbles are there for a while and are not expected to ...

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