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Preparing a Consumer Buying Matrix

Tammy is considering the purchase of a home entertainment center. The product attributes she plans to consider and the weights she gives to them are as follows:
Portability .1
Sound projection .6
Warranty .3
Tammy related the brands as follows:
Portability Sound Projection Warranty
Brand A 6 8 7
Brand B 9 6 8
Brand C 5 9 6
Using the consumer buying matrix, conduct a quantitative product evaluation rating for each brand. What other factors is Tammy likely to consider when making her purchase?

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Because I could not see your textbook's version of the matrix, I used the one at http://www.math.themiller5.com/11B.htm, which also features an extended discussion of the matrix and consumer buying choices in ...

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Using an Excel 97-2003 spreadsheet, this solution illustrates how to prepare a consumer buying matrix, as well as additional factors to consider, when buying a home entertainment center.