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    I need your help with my presentation we are comparing two business and I am doing ADP Automatic Data processing. It is an independent computing firm and it began as a manual processing service for business in northern new Jersey.

    This is all I know about the business, I nedd your help in doing my presentation, i have this questions;
    How do I start? for example do i say my name is Carmen and i will be talking about ADP.. and when I am done, what do I say? for example do I say now it is time to turn this over to the next person...

    And do I read off the bullets just the way they are written? For example this is one of the slides I have to do;

    _Public as of 1961
    -Capital via profit

    For example I don't know what NYSE means and do you think that you can help me with this, because i have a total of seven slides. I really need your help with this my presentation is tomorrow and I am not prepared to so this.

    Thank you your help is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Hopefully I can answer your questions above and give you some general information regarding presentations.

    Question 1-How do I start? You can say "My name is Carmen and I will talking about ADP", but this is usually not as professional as doing some type of attention getter. You could have your title slide of your Power Point with the Title "ADP" (or something close to this) and the biline "Presented by Carmen...(last name)". You can introduce yourself, but first I would get the audience interested. You gain or lose interest in the first 5 minutes of your presentation. So, begin by telling a story (maybe why you chose the company-if it is a personal story), or by telling a "story" about the background of the company which you should be able to find online. You can find a lot of ...

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