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Causes of a Downturn in Business

I specialize in solving business problems based on research and evaluation. I have just been hired by the new president of Playword Greeting Cards, an established company that sells greeting cards and collectibles to its own line of company-owned and franchise stores. The president wants my firm to research the causes of a downturn in their business and identify solutions that may benefit the organization.

During your first meeting, the president of Playword Greeting Cards informed you that the company is unprofitable and is operating inefficiently. In addition to the company-owned stores, it sells a limited supply of the exact same items to other national retailers, which compete against the smaller stores. Strong competition from competing companies has taken its toll in the past several years and has eroded Playword Greeting Cards annual sales and market share. Because the industry is changing in several ways, survival will be more difficult in the future.

My task is to write up an overview of our first meeting and make recommendations on how to proceed. In your memo, take the following action:

1. First, review the key problems,-as we understand them-in your memo.
2. Next, identify two or three research questions based on the problems discussed.
3. Then, since this is your first project with this company, include a review of how your consulting firm researches business problems for clients. That is, review the scientific method and how it relates to conducting research at the client site. As you create this section, be sure to use business language appropriate to the audience.

Any help will be muh appreciated. Thank you.

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Based on the scenario, this solution provides assistance in writing an overview of the causes of a downturn in their business and makes recommendations on how to proceed e.g. key problem, research questions, scientific method, etc.